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Oil + Water

Aesop Cleansing Oil 1

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil

HOW long has it been since I last posted? Too long I feel but you know, life just gets in the way sometimes. But I am back with a new addition to my skincare routine! This was a bit of a treat, #feelingspendy, but Aesop products just smell so incredibly good! I have been on the look out for a cleansing oil as I seem to respond to them better than cleansing balms at the moment and so went to a few different places to ask for some samples. I tried nearly all the different Shu Uemura ones which were really nice but were full of mineral oil – big turn off. I tried good old fashioned coconut oil – but could not get behind this as it works more as balm and my skin just didn’t have that squeaky clean finish to it. Finally I picked up a few samples of the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil, tried it at home and knew it was the one.

Aesop Cleansing Oil 2

Made up of a Avocado, Sweet Almond, Rice Bran and Macadamia oil base and packed full of anti-oxidants, this gentle cleansing oil removes all my makeup (including waterproof mascara) whilst nourishing the skin leaving it feeling soft and fresh. I put the recommended half teaspoon into damp hands, rub them together until a milky emulsion is formed and then apply to my face and neck. I like to remove the cleanser with a damp flannel or muslin cloth for an extra deep clean and am extremely happy with the results. Squeaky-clean, refreshed and soft skin is mine!

Aesop Cleansing Oil 3

Aesop is a brand I am falling more and more in love with. Like seriously, I would buy anything from them. I currently only own one other product of theirs, the Chamomile Concentrate Anti-blemish Masque which is brilliant (I have written a review here). I think it’s great that Aesop have this wonderful ‘hybrid’ approach of using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality which I think it quite forward-thinking. Their apothecary style bottles are not only pretty and look great on your bathroom shelf but are also very functional as the brown glass protects the product from damaging UV rays. Totally reusable as well.

Have you tried this cleanser or other cleansing oils?

Have you any recommendations for other Aesop products? I’m thinking hand-cream might be next…..


Two New Tools of the Trade.

Both brushes

An artist never blames their tools but to ensure that I achieve a flawless application, investment in good make up brushes is a no-brainer. Recently I have added 2 new brushes to my collection and have enjoyed using them so much, I simply have to report back to you makeup lovers.

LY close up

First up is the Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush – which really does live up to its name. It’s a beast of synthetic fibre foundation brush which applies my base in record time. When it gets dirty, I have been know to reach for my trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Expert Face Brush, but I always come back to LY. The domed shaped lends itself well to flawless blending around the nose and eyes, while the densely packed bristles ensure that liquid foundation is evenly distributed. I’d also like to point out that this brush is HUGE which personally I love as it means a few slaps on the face and my base is good to go. This is my second purchase from the Louise Young brush collection and I may find myself by the LY stand again in the not too distant future as the quality is top notch.

NARS close up

The new Nars #39 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush is my most recent purchase and was sold alongside the new Dual Intensity Eyeshadows (find my review here). I have only been using it with my new Nars eyeshadow (mainly because I am a little obsessed with the colour Himalia atm) and can say that so far I am quite impressed. Its soft bristles applies dry eyeshadow nice enough, but when the brush is wet it really comes into its own. I found that spraying a little MAC Fix+ on the bristles before you dip it in the eyeshadow works beautifully to create a creamy, full-on pigmented look and intend to try this out with other shadows v soon. I’ve heard that KIKO have some new eyeshadows similar to the Nars ones (for half the price) so will be giving those a go soon and will report back!

Do you have either of these brushes?

Review: Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara


Hello there everyone! I am Alexandra from the beauty blog Glam O’Clock and today, I am glad to announce that I am taking over Joanna’s blog as a guest! A few weeks ago, I came across and felt in love with its content and how sweet Joanna is. I contacted her to know if she would be interested in a blog collaboration and she said yes! Result: I was excited, she was excited *Insert happy dance emoji here* and we came up with a summer waterproof theme! So today, I am reviewing for you a waterproof mascara. Once you’re done reading this review, head on over my blog to read Joanna’s waterproof choice for this summer.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara

I am usually not fond of waterproof mascaras because I always find they “fade” quickly through the day and they dry faster than the regular formula but I have been very pleased by the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara.

After my recent lip products purchase, Bourjois continues to surprise me with this mascara that gives impressive volume and length and will still be on after a day at the beach or the pool.

The silicon brush is quite particular, with a combination of spherical and straight bristles that coat every lashes quickly without clumping them together. The formula is not dry at all which allows to build it up layer by layer for a more dramatic look if desired.


On holiday, I won’t spend tons of time in the bathroom or doing my makeup, so I want a mascara that will create an immediate impact and eye-opening look by its own. And so does this one!  It adds volume and length whilst holding the curl and is heat/sweat/water resistant.


The before/after picture below speaks for itself: very black and feathery lashes with an almost fake-lashes finish. I built a few layers, beginning at the roots in a zigzag motion.


As I only wear waterproof mascara on holiday, I prefer to go for a drugstore one (understand “not expensive but effective”) and this one is a great value for money as it costs around 10£/13EUR and works wonders!

I am happy to have discovered this mascara and would totally recommend it if you’re going on holiday any time soon.

What is you favourite mascara this summer?

Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter / Instagram (@Glamoclock)!

My Top 5 Neutral Nail Polishes

OPI full line up

When I looked through my nail polish collection to decide on my top picks I realised I have more neutral nail polishes that one girl should admit to, but I can’t help but love this shade on the nails. You may have noticed that these are all OPI polishes and that’s for 2 reasons. 1. my friend has a Sally’s discount card and 2. out of all the brands I have tried, I still think OPI has the best formula and creates the best shades in the biz. So here we go, my fave polishes for chic nails…


Don’t Pretzel My Buttons – true mannequin-beige. Not too orange, not too pink. Just one of those simple nude colours that looks great on all skin tones.

 Solo DDL

Dulce de Leche – a soft pink shade which looks very chic and understated. Perfect for those days when you want a little something on the nails but nothing that screams LOOK AT ME.

 Solo SS

Samoan Sand – my fave of all my beige/nude polishes. Definitely a ‘my nails but better’ shade that makes your hands and nails look happy and healthy.

 Solo TMF

Tickle My France-y – when I first bought this I literally couldn’t get it off my nails and thats not because it stains or anything, I just loved it so much that I wanted to wear it for the rest of my life. A little bit nude, a little bit mauve – this is the polish I get the most compliments about in my collection.

 Solo SASR

Steady As She Rose – Slightly bolder than the other polishes with lavender undertones. Slightly pastel in shade, but murky enough to not look sickly. I like to wear this when I’m feeling a bit girly.

OPI hand 2

L-R Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, Dulce de Leche, Samoan Sand, Tickle My France-y and Steady As She Rose

So there you have it! My faves for those wanting to sport the neutral nail – its always a classy choice. Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to enable me…

The Donna Hayward Effect.

DH hair stripe top 3

A few months ago I started watching Twin Peaks for the first time. Now I know what you’re all thinking, I am totally late to this party but I’m here now alright and that’s what matters. I totally am mesmerised by the amazing weird hybrid of 50s and 90s hair and beauty trends on Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick and of course, Lara Flynn Boyle. I must have been more influenced by that latter than I realised as over the last few months, I have been asking my hair dresser to cut my hair shorter and shorter, wearing it more and more wavier, sweeping it over to the side and spraying shed loads of texturising spray into it. I call this the Donna Hayward effect. I basically want to look just like her, even when she looks like this:

Twin Peaks

I love the retro pin up vibe mixed with the 90s plaid shirt and maybe one day I’ll do a make up look inspired by my fave Twin Peaks gals (let’s not forget Lucy the receptionist’s bad-ass orange lip). But for now, I thought I would talk you through my recent visit to the hair dresser and what I asked for to achieve my current cut.

Now, this isn’t an everyday occurrence, but I was luckily enough to visit the Andrew Barton salon in Covent Garden and have my hair coloured by their top stylist, Lisa and my hair cut by the one and only Andrew Barton – what a treat! I was really excited to have my hair cut by Andrew because as well as being a highly experienced stylist to celebrities and catwalk models, he is known for creating wearable styles that are easy to maintain and re-create at home. This is very important for me as I am not one to spend hours trying to get my hair right – ain’t no-one got time for that. And so I knew that I would be going home a happy customer.

I was welcomed at the salon with a chilled glass of sparkling water and was promptly sat down with Andrew and Lisa to talk about how they could help me achieve my chosen look. I should point out here that I couldn’t ask for the full ‘Donna Hayward’ look as my hair is quite fair and I didn’t want to go dark, but I did want to inject a little extra interest in the colour and so asked for a ‘balayage’ effect to my hair. For this, Lisa created natural and subtle blonde highlights by sweeping in the colour in the front of my hair, creating a sun-kissed look. I can really recommend this technique for those who want to try something different in their hair but don’t want to commit to long-term dyeing or a drastic change in colour. The technique of adding in these types of highlights was really interesting and I couldn’t stop watching Lisa do her thang. She would take the piece of hair she wanted to colour and backcomb the root so that there was no obvious line of when my natural hair colour ended and the new blonde colour began – very clever. The whole process was very quick and I think it was around 15 minutes before the bleach needed to be washed out of my hair. After washing, a gloss treatment was applied to add shine and boost my natural colour. I have never had one of these used on my hair but I would definitely ask for it again as my hair was so smooth and shiny, even where the bleach was applied. Gloss treatments can be clear or tinted, mine I believe was clear with the tiniest amount of toner added, but both types of treatments revitalize hair and tinted treatments in particular can help enhance or maintain colour.


After a colour, gloss, shampoo and condition, my hair was ready for Andrew and boy does this man work fast! I wasn’t having a big re-style but still I was very impressed that he managed to cut my hair in about 15 minutes. He was also very down-to-earth, chatty and smart which made the experience all the more enjoyable. As I wanted a beachy/wavy vibe, Andrew used a diffuser to dry my hair and create that messy and textured look I wanted to achieve.

Andrew Barton and me

I was so pleased with the final look and can report that I have been able to style and create my very own Donna Hayward look at home. The products I like to use to create the textured bob are Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion (just sprayed into the lengths of the hair prior to blow-drying) and VO5′s Give Me Texture Spray (sprayed pretty much everywhere after its been dried).

DH hair stripe top 2

This is me after I’ve styled it using the products above and wrapped a few pieces around my flat iron to create some waves. What do you think? Will you be re-creating looks from your favourite 90s heroines?

Eyeconic Eyeshadows

Nars eyeshadow wall

Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

If I had to choose one brand of makeup to wear for the rest of my life it would be Nars. Especially if you’re a pale girl like me. Their foundations and concealers are pale, like real pale and they have a yellow undertone – hooray! I find that if I wear a foundation which is has a yellow undertone, it neutralises the pink hue in my face and gives me a nice blank canvas to build on.

Nars eyeshadow full range

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the Nars foundations (I’ll save that for another post), but I am here to talk about their new Dual Intensity Eyeshadows. An array of 12 beautiful eyeshadows that can be applied wet or dry creating a soft smokey touch of colour or a dramatic and intense finish. I was excited about this launch and so when SpaceNK offered me the chance to visit the exclusive Nars Pop-Up Studio in their Soho store and have a one-to-one consultation with a Nars makeup artist, I obviously said yes in a heartbeat! The pop-up studio is just gorgeous and the Nars collection is beautifully laid out – I honestly felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The shelves are stacked with Nars goodies, including books, candles, skincare and of course, those new eyeshadows.

Nars pop up shelves

On arrival I was introduced to lead Nars makeup artist, Benoit, who asked me several questions about the kind of makeup I like to wear and the brands I currently use so that he could get a feel for my individual style. This is really important to me as I have had many encounters with makeup artists where they have created a ‘look’ without asking me many questions about how I actually wear my makeup, resulting in me scrubbing it off the minute I leave the store. But not in this case, I explained to Benoit that I was already a Nars lover and user and so that probably made his job quite easy. He asked what colours I like to wear and whether I would like a daytime or nighttime look. I went for a neutral daytime look (since it was 10am) and was shown a few colours to choose from. I chose the eyeshadow colour, Himalia, a warm bronze shade and I was excited to be shown how best to apply it.

Nars eyeshadow + brush

Benoit then introduced me to another Nars Makeup Artist, Carol who was to assist with the application and take over once he had created a look on one of my eyes. First they applied the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base which I was interested to try as I have to use a primer when I apply eyeshadow as I seriously suffer from creasing. To create a blank base on top of the primer, the Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla was applied, which I thought was really interesting as I would have thought that this would have creased on me straight away but actually it created a lovely smooth base for Benoit to work on. Then it was straight in with the eyeshadow, applied wet using the #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush. I asked if the eyeshadow would be adversely affected by a damp brush (I’ve made this mistake before with other brands) and he said that the formula of the shadow has been specially created to be used wet or dry and so it won’t form that strange film on top once it has been wet. I was also shown how to apply the shadow dry as Benoit used a fluffy blending brush to add a bit more definition in the crease and to create a nice smooth blend. I was surprised at how just this one shadow could be used to create a look that seemed like I had a whole palette of eyeshadows on. V clever.

Nars makeup close up

The makeup was finished off by the very talented, Carol who freshened up my base with a slick of one of the new Matte Multiples in Anguilla (lush) and a peachy lip was created using the lipstick Niagara with just a touch of the Kim K favourite lipgloss in Turkish Delight. I was very satisfied with the overall look and felt like I looked like me despite having a bit more makeup than I usually would during the day. The real test was to see how this makeup lasted as I mentioned before, eyeshadow is not my friend. But I am very happy to report that this makeup lasted well into the evening, even after an post-work game of rounders and a few bevvys in the pub!

Nars makeup full shot me

There are so many other colours in the collection I would like to try and now I know they last so long and can be worn subtle during the day or ramped up for an evening look, I may have to pick up a few more! They are currently exclusive to SpaceNK for the month of July for £21, after which they will make their way to Nars counters across the UK.

The Bigger the Hair, the Closer to Heaven.

L'Oreal Hair 1

L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology.

At least I think it goes something like that. I’m a sucker for any kind of thickening hair product that gets my do looking full and luscious and I am extra glad that I’ve managed to find this one in the aisles of Boots. I’ve tried high-end thickening shampoos and conditioners such as Oribe, Bumble and Bumble and Kerastase but my new favourite is pretty cheap and cheerful!

The L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Collection, in my opinion, is up there with the more expensive brands and makes my hair so thick and full, I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of witchcraft was involved. Often with these kinds of products you need to use them for a few washes before you will see any actual results but this shampoo and conditioner produces results after just the first wash.

L'Oreal products

As I’m a bit of geek,  I had to find out more about how L’Oreal achieved such magic and so here comes the science-y bit. According to L’Oreal, they have conducted 17 years worth of research and 8 years of testing in order to create this patented product. It actually uses the same process used in the car industry to repair cracked windscreens - whaaat?! The main active ingredient is called Filloxane, which when in contact with wet hair forms bonds which stick to the hair strands. Once dry, the bonds link together creating a thick network in the hair, producing the desired full hair effect.

It also has a cumulative affect on the hair, which basically means the more you use it, the thicker you hair will become. I would describe my hair type as fine/medium and lacking in texture. I have been using this shampoo and conditioner (together with a weekly dose of the hair mask) for around 3 months and I am seriously impressed with the results. After just one wash my hair felt about twice the size and had quite a bit of volume at the roots.

L'Oreal Hair 3

Any downsides? Well I have found just one. As described, this product has a cumulative effect which mean that in my fine hair, I do notice a bit of build up. So once a week I like to do a double wash with a deep cleansing shampoo, followed by the Fibrology Hair Mask and that sorts things out a treat. I tend to do a weekly cleanse anyway because I use texturising products on a daily basis so that extra step is fine with me.

So if you’re in the market for fuller hair for a fraction of the cost, I can thoroughly recommend this range.

A Skin-perfecting Duo for Pale Skins.

MJ Foundation and Concealer

Marc Jacobs Beauty Foundation + Concealer.

It was love at first sight and the honeymoon period still isn’t over. The Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation and Remedy Concealer Pen are my current favourite skin-perfecting duo and if I’m honest, I can’t see it changing any time soon.

MJ Foundation and Concealer top off

I located this perfect pair in Sephora and was only intending to purchase the foundation but the assistant completely ‘up-sold’ me. I was very impressed by the service I received. He cleansed my face, applied the foundation (which of course I was blown away by) and the proceeded to correct with the concealer pen, adding just a dusting of powder and a hint of blush. The result? I. Was. Sold.

MJ Foundation Swatch

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supecharged Foundation

The foundation’s gel formula is unlike anything else I have tried and feels incredibly light and hydrating on the skin. It’s also anti-aging, contains coconut water extracts (hence the hydration) and I have noticed that my skin looks a lot more radiant after it is applied. My skin type is oily/combination and I have found that it lasts all day, with just a dusting of powder added along the T-zone. I (of course) have the lightest shade, number 10 Ivory Light and am extremely impressed at how close to my natural skin tone this is. I would describe the tone as neutral, not too pink or yellow and can be worn in a thin layer for a natural finish or built up for a fuller coverage without the slightest hint of cakey-ness.

MJ Concealer Swatch

Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen

The concealer is amazing at erasing any signs that I might not be getting the necessary 8 hour sleep and also brightens up my blue-ish inner eye area to reveal a more youthful and wide awake look. The peachy-toned formula is quite runny making it easy to blend with a warm finger under the eye. I haven’t found it particularly good at concealing blemishes or redness around the nose and so I think it is more suited to the eye area than other areas of the face. I was also pretty blown away by the design of the pen itself as it has a patented palladium tip (rather than a gross brush) that feels oh-so-cool on the eye area and helps reduce puffiness no end. I also like that you can see how much product you have left as there is a little window on the side of the pen – very handy.

MJ Concealer nib

Unfortunately, the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection is quite hard to get hold of in the UK and is currently only available in the Marc Jacobs London Boutique in Mayfair, but if you are in London, it is worth making the trip as they do have the whole collection there. It is also available at Sephora US who now ship to the UK.  Hopefully the range will branch out to department stores soon!

Prime Paint Pot Picks.

Paint pots open 3

M.A.C Paint Pots.

I’ve been a lover of M.A.C Paint Pots for many years and so I felt I needed to sing their praises in a dedicated blog post. I have recently discovered that they have a multitude of uses (as well as being an absolute must for me and my particularly oily eyelids) which I just can’t help but share. I struggle quite a lot with creasing and even products which are designed to stop this from happening don’t seem to work on me. Therefore I have become increasing reliant on these little pots to ensure that my makeup stays in place all day and have built up quite a collection of different colours.

Paint pots labels

These cream eyeshadow pots have really stepped up their game in the colour department recently. The classics will always remain close to my heart, Painterly, Blackground, Groundwork, and Nubile. But I have acquired some of the new shades from the M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot range that have become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. They look great on their own, applied with just your finger, as well as providing a great base or primer for eyeshadows giving a bigger impact and greater longevity. I have also discovered that some of the shades have other non-conventional uses such as contouring and eye-lining.

Paint pot swatches

L-R Stormy Pink, Tailor Grey, Perky, Painterly and Genuine Treasure

Tailor Grey is certainly value for money and boy does this little pot have its uses. I would describe this colour as a cool muted grey with a very small hint of brown (although it looks more brown in the photo than IRL). I mostly wear this colour applied across the lid for a little definition, or as an eye-liner on my upper lash line (a bit like you would a gel). I also, and get this, have even used it to contour! The cool tone grey lends itself very well to bringing out those non-existent cheekbones on my pale skin. Initially I thought I might have gone a bit crazy but it does totally work! Obviously don’t be too heavy handed if you try this out for yourself, but applied subtly under the cheekbones it creates a natural looking contour that I find preferable to the orange/brown dirty looking smudge that I see so often.

I had been on the hunt for a colour to recreate a look similar to what was seen on the DVF A/W ’14 runway sans gloss and the paint pot in Stormy Pink is just the ticket. A beautifully muted dusty pink/mauve colour which looks amazing whether its worn on its own or if you’re feeling brave, you can add a slick of clear gloss or Vaseline for a runway inspired look.


When it’s party time and I fancy a bit of glitter (and lets be honest, when isn’t it party time?) I bust out Genuine Treasure. This shiny number is antique gold and truly is a party in pot, but more of a sophisticated soiree than a 13-year-olds birthday disco at the village hall. I love this whether it’s applied to give a subtle sheen to create soft golden glow or build it up for full-blown glitter glam! It also works great over eyeshadow when just a touch is added to the centre of the eyelid.

Paint pots open

Finally, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning my newest addition, the aptly named Perky, which I bought on my recent trip to Paris (not-so-humble-brag). I would have never usually gone for this coral/pink/orange hue, not on the eyes anyway (maybe on the lips) and I just have to tell you that it is so much more flattering than I thought it would be. It really does live up to its namesake and completely brightens up the complexion, including the whites of your eyes and in my opinion, is perfect for summer. Desperate to find alternative places to shove on my face, I tried the cheeks and found it provides a subtle peachy glow that livens up my pale skin.

So that pretty much sums up my top M.A.C Paint Pot picks for now and hopefully I have inspired you to try out any existing eye paints/cream eyeshadows you have and give them another lease of life on other areas of the visage. I’d love to hear if you have any other uses for these in the comments below…

Keep Calm and Clay Mask it on.

Clay masks full shot

Clay Masks – Eve Lom, Aesop, Una Brennan, Philosophy and Cattier.

I’ve been really getting into face masks recently and while I am still searching for my favourite exfoliating mask, I have found a few clay-based masks that I am ready to shout about. I would class my skin type as combination as I have the classic oily T-zone with dry cheeks situation. But even as I am heading towards my 30th birthday, I am still suffering from breakouts, actually now more than ever. Therefore my skin is craving something calming and soothing as well as a product that is going to help decongest and draw out impurities. I’ve discovered clay masks are the way to go. They also make for amusing selfies…

Clay masks selfie

Let’s talk about application: okay so who is guilty of this scenario…?

I fancy putting a face mask on tonight. *applies mask*.

Shall we watch an episode of Scandal? (insert blood-curdling gasp here)

40 minutes later…

Joanna, would you like a glass of wine?


I’m sorry what?


You don’t want a glass? Okay, suit yourself.

See what happened there guys? I missed out on a glass of wine because I left my clay face mask on too long and my face transformed into a hardened shell! Please do not make the same mistake as me as I not only missed out on a glass of Savvy, but once I removed said mask, my skin was feeling quite dry and unhappy. Not the result you want from a pamper sesh.

I am sure that your chosen clay mask provider will tell you that you should apply the mask all over the face, avoiding the eye area and wait until it dries before rinsing and you resemble something out of a horror movie, however I have a different technique that I have been using recently and it has completely changed the results.

Letting something completely dry out on your face when your skin is feeling irritated and angry just does not make sense to me. Although I want to remove the excess oil, I want to keep my skin as hydrated and supple as possible and so might I suggest that next time you try a clay mask, do not leave it until it dries so hard you feel like a botox victim. As soon as the mask starts to feel tight either do one of the following:

1. Go wash that sucker off. Take a hand-hot flannel or muslin cloth and gently wipe away leaving your skin soft and smooth.

2. Dampen the mask. To get a little more love out of your mask, take a small amount of warm water or a wet cloth/flannel and dampen your face. This way, you prevent your mask from drying out and getting a little bit of extra time out of your treat.

So now we know the best way to use them, here are my recommendations for the best kaolin clay based face masks:

 Clay masks Philosophy

Philosophy – Keep The Peace Super Soothing Instant Relief Mask For Redness And Sensitivity (currently half-price in Debenhams!)

This was one of the first clay masks I tried and I thoroughly recommend it for sensitive or reactive skin types. It really is a great one if you are experiencing a lot of redness in your skin or you have had a bit of a breakout. Whilst I do not find that this one will help to get rid of blemishes entirely, it certainly helps to soothe the skin and reduce any swelling that a particularly nasty spot can create. I also loved that despite its thick creamy texture, a little goes a really long way and can yield numerous applications.

 Clay masks Una Brennan

Super Facialist by Una Brennan – Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask (currently 3 for 2 in Boots – yes!)

Now this one is for the breakouts as it contains salicylic acid. I’ve found this one to be great at detoxifying and helps to unclog the pores. When I have had particularly bad week which has manifested on my face, I reach for this one as it’s great at balancing everything out. I also like that this one almost sinks into your skin so by the time you are ready to rinse, most of the product has gone – this makes me feel like it has really got in there and cleaned out my pores. As such, I would suggest using it no more than once a week, particularly if you have ultra-sensitive skin.

 Clay masks Aesop

Aesop – Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

One of the more pricier of the bunch, but boy is it worth the money. I had decided to purchase the full size tub of this stuff after trying out a few samples and I am so glad I did. This mask is like magic and immediately calms the skin down. And I mean immediately. Due to a hormone imbalance, I am prone to excess hair growth on my face and so have to have it threaded once a month. As you can imagine, my skin is pretty angry after all that action and before I found this mask, I was guaranteed to have a major breakout the following day. After a threading sesh, my face is usually extremely red and stings quite a bit too (oh the things we do for beauty) but now I apply a nice thin layer of this cooling mask to the affected area (usually the whole of my face), wait 10 minutes and ta-da – zero redness. It also works well as a targeted blemish treatment as I have tried applying a small amount to a spot that was brewing and by morning, it had almost disappeared.

 Clay masks Cattier

Cattier – Pink Clay Mask

Unfortunately this is a French purchase but I thought it was worth a mention in case any of you are Paris bound – plus it is super cheap (about 3 Euros)! I literally couldn’t believe the price of this mask considering it is organic and produced such lovely results. Actually it was this mask that suggested you shouldn’t let clay masks dry completely and that you should dampen it if it does. It is a pink/reddish colour, thick in texture and glides smoothly onto the face. I found that this mask left my skin feeling super soft after application and the next day I noticed a bit of an extra glow. If you can get a hold of this one (maybe try Amazon or Ebay) then I can recommend it as a good budget option.

Eve Lom – Rescue Mask

Finally I am breaking out the big guns and am going to talk my experience of Eve’s award-winning clay-based mask. Now I hate to say it, but this one truly is very special. This kaolin based mask will draw out impurities and the added honey softens leaving my skin very happy indeed. It also contains camphor which felt so cooling and as I understand, it is a great decongestant. I also happen to really like the smell of camphor so its win-win for me. Although this is the most expensive of the bunch, it’s a treat that you use once a week or even once a fortnight and the results really do make it value for money. I haven’t purchased this yet (I used a sample I was given) but I think this will be in the beauty basket when payday comes around.

So that’s my round up of the best clay-based mask I’ve tried and I’m always on the hunt for more so please leave some suggestions in the comments!